Top Personal Loan Lenders

Sometimes, life gets in the way, and while you try your best to avoid debt, it’s often out of our control. Maybe it’s a major expense and you lack the savings to cover it. Other times, it’s about paying off credit card debt that you may be carrying at higher interest rates. Regardless of the reason, a personal loan from a reputable listed lender below may be able to help you with your current financial situation.

Personal loans are also a tool that can be used for helping to pay with school. Student loans backed by the federal government are easy to get, but they don’t always cover all of your expenses. In these cases, a personal loan may be able to fill in the gap.

Compare the Best Personal Loan Lenders

Lender Fixed Rates Variable Rates Terms APR (Estimated)
Sofi Student Loans


Fixed Rates


Variable Rates

3 to 7

Repayment Terms



What's to like

  • Cover up to 100% of your educational costs
  • Good interest rates and low fees
  • Entrepreneur Program for qualified applicants
  • Unemployment protection
  • Career Support
Lender SoFi
Loan Minimum $5000
Loan Maximum No Max
Eligible Loans Private & Federal
Fees None
Credit Check Type Soft

Keep in mind that these lenders will look closer at your financial situation and income more than a federally backed student loan. Look for perks and special offers where available.

As a consumer, you do have the benefit of competition, and you should definitely use it to your advantage.

Many of the lenders listed will pull your credit using a soft inquiry. This is an advantage that you can use to window shop a little bit for committing. That said, all lenders will pull a hard inquiry at some point before finalizing a loan, and if you do all of your shopping within a two week period, most of the credit scoring models will view multiple inquiries from the same type of financial product to be one pull, so it will not affect your credit report like multiple inquiries typically would.

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