Scholarship & Grant Information

When it comes to paying for college, Scholarships & Grants give the opportunity to offset the costs of higher education without the debt burden of loans.

There are endless numbers of scholarships and grants available today. The first step is to completely fill out the FASFA. You must fill out the FAFSA to qualify for federal aid, and many states and colleges use the FAFSA to award aid as well.

Your chosen school will likely have many forms of scholarships and grants specific to their institution. Be sure to start here as this aid is usually easy to apply for and is drained quickly by fellow students.

Finally, be sure to apply for outside scholarships like the hundreds listed on this site. Many scholarships are available for those who have chosen specific fields and for minority, cultural and social groups.

CS Scholarships

Computer Science is one of the fastest growing career fields. With high pay and the continued technological revolution, Computer Science is a great career path for problem solvers.

Veteran Scholarships

Veterans keep us safe and protect our freedoms. While the federal government offers educational benefits for our military, there are additional sources for the men and women of our armed forces to take advantage of.

Disability Scholarships

Student with Disability

Students with disabilities often face struggles that those without disabilities take for granted. The scholarships listed here may be available for any disability as well as those with specific disabilities.

STEM Scholarships

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are commonly grouped and known as STEM for short. A STEM career typically enjoys high demand and relatively high pay.

Women Scholarships

Women Scholarships

Women are now the majority of students at the collegiate level. There are several scholarships to help you achieve career success. A large part of this success is due to these specific scholarships.

Hispanic Scholarships

Hispanic Student

Hispanics and Latinos now make up the largest minority population on college campuses. These scholarships listed here will help the Hispanic/Latino community with educational expenses.

Teacher Scholarships

Teachers are the backbone of our society. Every generation is dependent on the current generation of educators. Browse the scholarships that will help the next generation of educators.

LGBTQ Scholarships

LGBTQ Scholarships

LGBTQ students continue to strive for acceptance and equality. While our society has made great strides in this regard, LGBTQ students still face unique challenges. These resources help the LGBTQ community follow their dreams.

African Americans

African American Scholarships

African American students are becoming more prevalent on college campuses thanks to additional funding resources and this generations job force higher education needs.